How do you refuel in dynamic Ship Simulator 3?

In order to replenish fuel in a ship, one has to approach quite close to the dock, and wait until a GUI appears to confirm if the player wants to refuel.

How do you get cargo in dynamic ships Simulator 3?

In order to load or unload cargo, the player has to use a ship which is capable of transporting bulk cargo, like the Bulk Carrier. The player has to approach the cranes, preferably parallel to the dock it is situated on, and wait for a GUI to pop up to initiate cargo loading.

How does DSS 3 make money?

Players can earn credits by doing either one of seven things.

  1. Fishing. Players can earn credits by fishing.
  2. Delivering Cargo. Players can earn credits by delivering cargo from port to port.
  3. Piloting Ships.
  4. Daily Logins.
  5. Putting Out Fires.
  6. Breaking Ice Sheets.
  7. Radio Ships.
  8. Sinking Ships.

How do you beat the mosquito quest in dynamic Ship Simulator 3?

How to do this quest:

  1. Spawn in Ushuaia with the boat / ship of your choosing.
  2. Meet up with the museum representative.
  3. Drive your boat / ship to Puedo Williams (the small island east of Ushuaia)
  4. Talk with the man at the lighthouse.
  5. Travel south to the platform marked in your Map.
  6. Talk with the person on the offshore platform.

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