How do you recruit followers cultist simulator?

They can be hired for 120 seconds by using 1 Funds. Their timer pauses when they are on Expeditions, on Cult Business, or you are Talking to them; Talking to a Hireling will also give you the opportunity to give them Funds to renew their timer.

How do you upgrade followers on cultist simulator?

Followers can be upgraded three times: when they spawn in your game, they are just Acquaintances. After you’ve found a cult, you can upgrade them to Believers, then to Disciples, and finally (for a select few) to Exalted.

How do you recruit acquaintance cultist simulator?

Talk to an acquaintance to start a Cult if you still haven’t done it yet. Once you have a Cult, talk to your Cult to recruit acquaintances as followers.

How do you get more locations in the cultist simulator?

Exploration is often unpredictable. Explore is one of the primary Verbs of Cultist Simulator. The Explore verb can be used to find new locations and employ hirelings, find expedition locations using Secret Histories, and visit stores and clubs to spend your Funds.

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How do you kill the hunters cultist simulator?

Talking to a Hunter with a Lethal Poison will kill them and leave behind Notoriety (unless using Glassfinger Toxin). Hunters with the Tenacious aspect have a 30% chance to survive this type of attack, which will also produce a Notoriety.

How do you make a contentment cultist simulator?

Dreaming using 1 Health can produce 1 Contentment but can also produce instead other Influences such as Fascination. Exploring The Ecdysis Club using 1 Funds usually produces 1 Contentment. Painting by using Work on Skill: a Wild Imagination (and subsequent upgrades) can produce a Contentment.

What do you do with the fascination cultist simulator?

Fascination can be removed in several ways: Using it as a Moth influence in a ritual. The right rite is required: Sunset Rite or Rite of the Map’s Edge. Especially useful to summon a Raw Prophet, which can be used to get rid of Evidences or simply left to safely decay.

How do you get tools in the cultist simulator?

Most tools are unique objects obtained by successfully completing expeditions. However, some tools may be obtained under special circumstances, such as: Artwork, which may be created by painting with sufficent Lore aspects.

How do I get through the stag door?

The card representing The Stag Door will be face up, while the two representing the Ascent of Knives and The Painted River are face-down. You must click and drag a card to the Gate. Only one card can be chosen; the other two will be revealed and then destroyed.

Where is mercy found cultist simulator?

The Stag Door’s Riddle is an obstacle that must be overcome to continue on the way of the Mansus. In the tool tip for the card will be the question. Element ID.

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Riddle Answer
“Where is mercy found?” An Unmerciful Mantra
“Where is the queen who was not born?” A Forgotten Chronicle

How do you get rid of damning evidence cultist simulator?

With one more Notoriety, this card may be upgraded to Damning Evidence. Tentative Evidence can be got rid of by talking to a follower high in Moth aspect.

How do I get rid of notoriety cultist simulator?

Dealing with Notoriety

  1. Wait for it to expire.
  2. Talk to a Heart follower about Society. After 60 seconds, they will use Magnet on a Reputation card.
  3. Change Headquarters.
  4. Use a Headquarter with Secret aspect.

Where is the books cultist simulator?

Table of Books

Title Location
On the White Morland’s Shop Oriflamme’s Auction House
Rapt in the King Morland’s Shop
STUMM! Oriflamme’s Auction House
Something something DEEP MYSTERIES something


How do I get lore fragments cultist simulator?

Lore Fragments are a resource that can primarily be obtained from studying books, but can also be obtained from various interactions. The type of Lore is indicated by its color. There is one lore fragment type for each principle, including Lantern, Forge, Edge, Winter, Heart, Grail, Moth, Knock, and Secret Histories.

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