What is the fastest way to get pollen in bee swarm simulator?

In order to get more pollen per collection, collect the biggest flowers on the field. The bigger the flower, the larger the pollen multiplier.

How do you get to the honey bee in bee swarm simulator?

Honey Bee is a quest-giving bee which is located on the rock near the Pine Tree Forest.

What happens if you give a royal jelly to a gifted bee?

if you royal jelly a gifted bee, it will have a 1/250 chance of becoming a gifted bee again. Non- gifted bees also have a 1/250 chance of becoming a gifted bee.

Is honey bee good in bee swarm simulator?

Honey Bee is a Colorless Epic bee. Honey Bee’s favorite type of treat is pineapples. Wiki Targeted (Games)

Honey Bee
“A satisfied bee always full with the finest honey. If you’re lucky it will share some.”
Rarity Epic
Color Colorless
Energy 20 Speed 14 Attack 1


Where is pine tree in bee swarm?

The Pine Tree Forest is a field located past the Honey Bee Gate and near the Badge Bearer’s Guild. It is protected by two mantises and the werewolf.

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Does a gifted Bee stay gifted if you use a royal jelly?

Using a Royal Jelly or a non- gifted Egg on a Gifted Bee will almost certainly make the bee LOSE ITS GIFTED STATUS. The new bee will have the same chance of turning gifted as any other bee, 1/250.

Can you get a gifted basic bee from a star egg?

Basic Bee can only be obtained from basic eggs, star eggs, and the Basic Bee jelly, which is now unobtainable. The chances of getting a Gifted Basic Bee from sunflower seeds is 1 in 12,000.

How do you get in the 30 bee zone without 30 bees?

It’s still possible to bypass the 30 bee gate. You need to get haste x5 and pick the rightmost hive, and use the red cannon immediately when you spawn.

Is tabby bee good?

Pretty decent stats as only one of them is average and none are below-average. Gifted bonus: 50% critical power and tabby bee’s scratch will ALWAYS crit Great gifted bonus, definitely one of the first gifted event bees you will want. Also the 100% chance that scratch will be a crit is pretty good.

Which is the best gifted event bee?

Vicious Bee is considered to be one of the best bees to make gifted first due to its gifted bonus, -15% monster respawn time. This is extremely useful for mob-killing quests.

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