Siafu Simulator 1.0.6-SNAPSHOT API

Package Description
This package contains the three models that you will have to override in order to implement your simulation, namely the behavior of agents, places and the evoution of context data.
With the exepction of the GUI class, this package contains all the controlling classes.
This package contains the progess indicators that show the simulation load status.
This package contains all the simulation exceptions
Classes in this package provide the TCP based interface to control the simulator.
Anything that relates to the graphical user interface of Siafu is contained in this package.
This package contains the classes relted to the Control Panel, that is, the right side panel of Siafu when a simulation is running.
This package contains all the markers used to track agents or places (actually, Trackable instances) in the user interface.
This package contains the classes that draw the simulation area, that is, the Canvas where the agents live and thrive.
This package roughly contains all the modelled data objects.
This package contains the simulation output printers.
All the Publishable objects are in here.
Misc classes that would not fit anywhere else, and which, for the most part, could be reused for software other than Siafu.

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