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On Siafu

License issues:

Functionality and participation

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Frequently Answered Questions

On Siafu

  • What is Siafu?

    An african ant. Ok, seriously, Siafu is a versatile, large-scale Context Simulator written in Java. Download it, create or modify a scenario and fire it up. Your simulated world includes models for agents, places and the context therein. By tweaking these models, you influence the scenario, and can collect the context data for any of your agents.

  • What's the available documentation?

    Start with tutorial. Another helpful introduction would be the paper and poster published together with Petteri Nurmi. Finally, there's always the Javadoc. We've tried to make it as consistent and complete as possible! Also, keep an eye at the developers page

  • Any publications available?

    Definitelly! Check out A large scale simulator for ubiquitous computing by Petteri Nurmi and myself, Miquel Martin

License issues:

  • What is the license of Siafu? And the simulations?

    NEC Europe Ltd. releases Siafu under the GPL license. The simulations are a derivative work of Siafu, and therefore are also GPL.

  • Will my Simulations also be GPL?

    Yes. Simulations are based on Siafu, and are therefore a derivative work. Your simulations will therefore be GPL. Note that this has no effect if you keep the simulation to yourself. For more details, check the GPL text. Also I found this FAQ very helpful.

  • If I connect Siafu to my project, does it become GPL?

    No. However read the GPL text for the authoritative answer.

    So, this is how we see it: if you extend Siafu, your extension is GPL. If you make simulations, they are GPL too. If you develop an independent project which uses Siafu as a simulation tool, data generation, etc.., then no, your project does not become GPL. There's one exception, and that is, if your project builds tightly around Siafu itself, and woudln't work without it. In most cases you pick up data from Siafu for lack of a real sensor, and tehrefore, GPL doesn't propagate to your project. In any case, if in doubt, talk to us. We're all nice and reasonable!

Functionality and participation

  • I wish Siafu could do...

    I (Miquel Martin) have been developing Siafu to the current status. I will continue to participate in the project, and I will try to build it up further, but do remember: this is now an Open Source project. If you can, participate! Your help is very welcome. Please use the forums to ask for specific funcionality details. We'll try and keep a wishlist there too, so we can prioritize what we do next.

  • I'd like to help!

    Awesome! Please do! Join the project. Researchers, coders, artists, I'm sure we can find someplace you can help. Join the forums, talk to us, and don't leave it for tomorrow!

Other issues

  • What about the ultimate Question about Life, the Universe, and Everything else?

    The answer is, of course, 42. If you Frequently Ask yourself any other Question, drop us a line or open a new Issue


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